22 Apr

Soundbites-02-sized“We need to let those who will come in the future to represent us [know] that we are serious. The 2nd amendment means nothing unless those in power believe you would have no problem simply walking up and shooting them if they got too far out of line and stopped responding as representatives. It seems that we are unable to muster that belief in any of our representatives on a state or federal level, but we have to have something, something costly, something that they will fear that we will use if they step out of line.”

– From the April newsletter of the Benton County, Arkansas Republican Party. (We think they call for shooting politicians that step out of like. Someone call the cops.)

“This is our fucking city.”

– Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz on live TV, celebrating the capture of the terrorist suspect accused of setting off bombs at the Boston Marathon. (Good for him.)

“So I’ll have some advice for my friends in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles: Just say no to the Democrats who said no on background checks.”

– Democrat Bill Daley about how Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp “betrayed me on gun control.”

“I sent him some caribou jerky from Alaska to help keep up his strength on the Senate floor.”

– Republican Sarah Palin on Republican Senator Rand Paul.

“I will guarantee you that you will see the most vicious education campaign ads that you’ve ever seen in your life next year, because I am going to be the next Scott Walker in this country, because I am challenging the status quo.”

— Maine Republican Governor. Paul LePage committing to running for re-election.

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