Tooting your own horn

22 Apr

Jon-Lundberg-reso-sizedLet’s touch on Politics 101 for a moment.

A resolution is not a law.
It is a statement from a legislative body about something.

The Senate, the House, your City Council pumps these out by the dozens.

They can be used to honor a citizen, complain about something, to take a stand.

Resolutions are basically congratulatory notes for an achievement, an occasion or a job well-done.

They do not have the force of law and are frequently used to tell the Executive Branch what the Legislative Branch would like to see done.

They are also frequently ignored by the Executive Branch.

We have a couple hanging on our wall.
They impress people who don’t know better.

They actually mean nothing.

Jon-Lundberg-sizedNow we turn to Republican State Senator Jon Lundberg.

The Tennessee lawmaker has decided he needed a resolution…honoring himself and the company he founded 20-years ago..

“I think it’s important for us as a state to say, ‘Hey, great job on creating jobs and moving the ball forward.'”

The resolution was written by Lundberg’s staff and honors the 20th anniversary of the his public relations firm.

To him, this makes sense:
“Ten years ago, I did this – I asked my state representative to do it. Now, the company is 20 years old, so who do I ask?”

The Tennessee Senate has passed 476 resolutions so far this year – each one typically costing taxpayers about $300.

Lundberg says he paid for it so it didn’t cost taxpayers anything.

By the way, it passed 32-0.

Doing the people’s business.

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