It’s about time we pay the cops

24 Apr

HPD-Badge-sizedThis was emailed to us by mistake last week.

The lady was trying to reach TV reporter Keiki Kerr – and we steered her to the right place.

But after a lot of discussion, we decided to share it with you because it’s true.

There’s no need to put up her name but she speaks for many police officer’s families.


Well I’m really upset and want to know if you can help my family–cause I heard you are the man.

My husband is a police officer with the department for 20 years.

We just read in the paper and heard on the radio and news about the mayor and the uppers getting raises while my husband and the other officers are still waiting after 2 years to find out if they are going to get their raises.

My husband was due for a step last year and with the raise he was suppose to get he figures so far we are out of $5000 to $6000 that we will probably never get. (Retro pay)

How are the officers suppose to protect and serve when they are getting shafted.

They go out there everyday risking their lives and they get slapped in the faces knowing that the people that are suppose to be doing them right are really doing them wrong.

We live paycheck to paycheck and with two growing boys the expenses are not getting cheaper.

It hurts when we have to tell them we don’t have the money for something they need.

My husband and the other officers work hard everyday to protect the people of Hawaii (including those that are getting raises) but they dont seem to care.

When my husband leaves for work everyday I have to wonder if he will be coming home that afternoon.

Yes, this is what he chose as his profession but he did not chose it thinking that he would also have to fight also for his money.



She’s right.
Why isn’t our City government addressing this?

The Mayor doesn’t run the Police Department but he does control its budget.
Where the Mayor?

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