Rounding up the usual suspects

25 Apr

The-Usual-Suspects-sizedWell, this didn’t take long.

Hawaii Representative Colleen Hanabusa has only been in office for a little while, and already the office isn’t big enough for her.

The lady is getting ready to take on Senator Brian Schatz in 2014.

He was appointed by the Governor to take the seat of Dan Inouye when he died.

Inouye had said he wanted Hanabusa to get it.

The Governor didn’t care.

Sounds like the opening round of a slug fest.

Hanabusa’s a Republican and Schatz is a Democrat.

Hanabusa’s 1st Congressional seat has changed hands (and parties) twice in 3 years.

Charles Djou won it when Neil Abercrombie quit to run for Governor.
Then Hanabusa took it from him.

Now she’s ready to jump ship to run for Senator because it’s a cooler job and has more cred than a plain old Representative.

That means every wanna-be politician is looking at it as an easy win to take her current seat.

Confused yet?

So who will win?

God knows, but you can count on it probably being a Democrat since that’s the way Hawaii and that district swings.

Of course none of this is “official” yet and Hanabusa isn’t talking.

She doesn’t have to – a campaign “source” says she’s going to do it.

That’s called leaking it to test the public reaction.

Let’s play pretend – supposed she runs…

What’s the chances perennial loser Mufi Hannemann will throw his hat in the ring for Hanabusa’s Congressional seat?

The correct answer is 100%.

City Councilman Stanley Chang has already filed the federal paperwork to allow him to run, if he decides to.

Good luck – no name recognition.

And you can’t have a major election without Ed Case’s name being tossed about.

We think Charles Djou may also be talking to his friends about another shot.

Here we are, all the usual candidates are lining up for another chance at the brass ring.

Personally, we can’t wait to see if Mufi Hannemann learned anything from his last two defeats.

Probably not.

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