Sometimes you can’t get a break

1 May

mark-sanford-billboard-sizedWe’re feeling just a little sorry for Mark Sanford.

The former South Carolina governor gave up his marriage and political career for a long distance love affair with an Argentine woman.

A couple of years have gone by and things have settled down a bit – so he’s running for office again – for Congress.

Suddenly, his face is showing up on billboards outside Columbia, South Carolina.

They advertise a website that specializes in connecting people for casual, and often extramarital, affairs.

Mark Sanford is now the face of their new marketing campaign.’s (go ahead, have a look) billboard shows a younger Mark Sanford next to the words, “Next time use… to find your ‘running mate’.”

According to the website CEO, “Mark Sanford’s overcome a series of personal and professional hurdles to earn his place back in public service. While he recognizes the consequences of his actions, he maintains that his affair refined his life, but should not define it.”

The company says it would like the campaign to strike a chord with voters to help secure Sanford’s place back in office.

“There’s a changing tide. More and more Americans are willing to forgive and forget. Millions of people have affairs and powerful politicians are no exception.”

We don’t believe them either.
It’s just looking for publicity and dumb people like us give it to them.

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