Around Washington

2 May

Thanks for nothing…

larry-flynt-sizeHustler Magazine owner Larry Flynt is endorsing Mark Sanford for his congressional race in South Carolina.
He’s calling the former governor a “sex pioneer”.

In a video, Flynt says “no one has done more to expose the sexual hypocrisy of traditional values in America today. His open embrace of his mistress in the name of love, breaking his sacred marriage vows, was an act of bravery that has drawn my support.”
Sanford can’t get a break.

If it looks bad, make it go away…

Jeff-Duncan-sizedA group of Republicans are proposing legislation that could give President Obama some unintentional help with disagreeable unemployment numbers. Eliminate the key economic statistic altogether.

The bill, introduced last week by Republican Representative Jeff Duncan would stop the U.S. Census Bureau from conducting nearly all surveys except for a decennial population count.

That would end the government’s ability to provide reliable estimates of the employment rate.
In fact, the government would not be able to produce any of the major economic indices that move markets every month. No reason why this guy wants to do it.

Living in another world…

Billy-Long-sizedNobody is particularly happy about the across-the-board spending cuts taking effect as a result of sequestration.
Except for maybe Republican Representative Billy Long.

He’s saying the folks back home want even more cuts to kick in.

“The people that I’ve talked to seem to be doing well. In fact, when I got out in restaurants here in town, people come up to me. They want to see more sequestration, not less.”

The crazy lady continues…

Stella-Tremblay02-sizedRepublican New Hampshire state Representative Stella Tremblay is climbing further out on a very weak limb.
She’s the one who said the federal government caused the Boston Marathon bombing.

She’s now  told a conservative talk show host she knows the federal government was behind the attacks because Jeff Bauman, a bombing victim who helped identify the suspects, was not “screaming in agony” after both his legs were blown off.

Tremblay is a tea party member with ties to the birther movement.
That probably explains most of it.

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