Everyone knew this was coming

3 May

Shatz-and-Hanabusa-sizedIn our email box flutters a love letter from the Colleen Hanabusa campaign for Senator:

“Colleen will make it official that she is a candidate for the United States Senate, and we need your help, now more than ever…This election will be the first chance the people of Hawaii have to vote for who they wish to succeed Senator Inouye. Join us in saying that Colleen Hanabusa is our choice.”

Brian Schatz, the Lt. Governor, was appointed to the Senate in January by Governor Neil Abercrombie to serve out the term of the late Daniel Inouye.

It was against the dying senator’s last wishes.

The decision caught everyone by surprise because Hanabusa was considered the anointed one, the next in line for the seat.

It’s going to be interesting as Schatz has been raising money, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will support him in the primary.

Hanabusa may not get the national senatorial support, you can bet she’ll have the backing of influential groups like Emily’s List.

But in the end, don’t expect a lot of national support.

The primary is between two Democrats, and having a democrat in the office is all the big-money PACs are interesting in seeing.

What will make a difference is race will play a big part in who wins.

It’s not nasty like the mainland.
Just people voting for “their kind”.

AJAs (Americans of Japanese Ancestry) favor Japanese candidates.

AJA’s are also heavily Democrat in Hawaii so it’ll be interesting to see where which Democrat will get their vote.

We bet Hanabusa.

Hanabusa is smart, a hard worker, well spoken and liked by many.

Brian Schatz is a nice guy, but he’s just…there.

He doesn’t cause strong feelings – one way or another – in voters.

Hanabusa’s AJA support and her overall likeability throws the odds in her favor.

When it’s all over, the winner will take on whatever token Republican is left standing for the primary election.

Hanabusa – all the way, although we would have been happy to see her take on Mazie Hirono for the millions of reasons we’ve listed over the years.

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