Open your wallet

3 May

Ed-Markey-sizedPolitics is asking for money.
Always been that way – always will be.

Politics is also giving and gathering favors.
I help you – later you help me.

This from Colleen Hanabusa this morning:

“On Tuesday night, my former House colleague, Ed Markey, won the Democratic nomination in the special election to replace John Kerry in the U.S. Senate — and I couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of serving with Ed again…
But Republicans are far less enthusiastic about a progressive like Ed Markey coming to the Senate.
In the [XX] hours since Ed became the Democratic nominee, right-wing groups from across the country have descended on Massachusetts to attack Ed and prop up his Republican opponent. He needs our help, especially since the general election is next month.”

The release goes on to ask that people send $5 to his campaign.

So, is this about Hanabusa asking for money for her friend to get a favor back later?

Yes, but it’s also¬†about proofreading something before you send it out.

“In the [XX] hours since Ed became the Democratic nominee…”

What we have is a release written in advance and set aside until it’s needed.

And since it was done in advance, the number of hours “since Ed became the Democratic nominee” has a couple of XX as a placeholder – to be filled in later just before it’s sent.

It’s not the end of the world since most people won’t notice it, but it’s still sloppy.

Ed is probably not amused.

Sloppy doesn’t win elections.

UPDATE: about an hour later, Hanabusa’s campaign sent out a corrected version. The XX is now 65. At ease.

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