You can come back

8 May

Mark-Sanford05-sizedWe told you before there are second chances.

For a politician they are rarely given, but they happen.

Scandal plagued former Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is back in the big game.

He easily beat Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch to win back his old congressional seat.

Sanford says he has experienced human grace as he came back from political scandal to rebuild his political career.

Sanford has never lost a race in three runs for Congress and two for governor.

The district he won is strongly Republican and Mitt Romney took it by 18 points in last year’s presidential race.

But Sanford had to fight against his own past indiscretions and a well-financed campaign mounted by Colbert Busch in which she outraised him.

Four years ago he disappeared for over a week.

After a string of made up stories, he admitted he was in Argentina visiting his mistress.

That led to a divorce, quitting the Governor’s job and several years of what he called “soul-searching”.

Sanford found his redemption the right way.

He went on the campaign trail and openly talked about what he did, how wrong it was and what he learned from it.

The American voter will forgive just about anything if the candidate admits his or her mistake and appears to have found the right path again.

Those that voted seemed to look at it one of two ways: they didn’t like him because of his past behavior, or following his heart as he did was foolish but it happens.

We hope his does something positive with his second chance.

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