While we’re in Texas

10 May

lawsuit-sizedSince we’re visiting Texas this morning…

President Obama is leading off his “Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour” in Texas because he hopes to turn the state more Democrat.

Never happen.

It’s a strange relationship between the White House and Texas.

Love/hate doesn’t come close to describing it.

While President Obama works to convince Texas his economic policies aren’t directly opposed to that state’s successful economic policies, he and Texas have a long, outstanding history of suing the hell out of each other.

Texas folk have always looked at themselves as a bit better than anyone else.
They’re bigger, sassier, got the oil and guns and don’t give a damn about the rest of the 49.

Since Obama took office, the Texas attorney general’s office has filed 24 lawsuits against the federal government, costing upward of $2.5 million.

The Texas Attorney has said that the only reason for the lawsuits is the overreach of the administration.

He says litigation is “a fight against the unprecedented ideology coming from the Obama administration.”

We suspect that’s the Republican’s talking.

Sixteen of those lawsuits are against environmental regulations from Obama’s administration.

Texas has also sued to uphold its voter identification law and its redistricting, as well as suing after the Obama administration withheld federal funding for Texas’ Medicaid Women’s Health Program after Governor Rick Perry cut money for Planned Parenthood.

Just so you don’t think it’s only Texas is picking on the feds, the suing runs both ways.

In July last year, the Obama Department of Justice reportedly sued two Texas agencies for supposed pay discrimination.

The Obama Justice Department has also sued Texas over its voter ID law.

Texas’ path is one of “we’ll do what we want” and it’s like a volatile marriage.
The bickering will go on no matter who’s in office.

Except for George Bush.
They loved him.

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