Leaving well enough alone

14 May

Jerramiah-Healy-sizedSometime you should let “sleeping dogs lie”, as the old saying goes.

Nine years ago, the now-mayor of New Jersey’s second-largest city was photographed naked on his front porch.

It was right before an election.

Asked to explain, Democrat Jerramiah Healy passed it off as a bad night of drinking.

He won the election and became Mayor of Jersey City.

New Jersey voters apparently can understand getting bombed and doing something stupid.

Now he’s running for reelection and appears to be changing his story.

Healy came up with a different and more bizarre account in an interview with a newspaper.

He now claims he had actually been drawn outside that night by a group of noisy Hispanic girls – who proceeded to rip off the towel he was wearing and do “filthy” things.

As you can imagine, this new version has opened Healy, who’s been endorsed by President Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, up to a new round of criticism from his political rivals.

Why he didn’t leave that stuff alone is hard to understand.

According to the paper, Healy said he was woken up that night by women banging trash cans outside.

He says he wrapped himself in a towel and went outside, to find “three Hispanic girls, young kids.”

“So I go out on the porch and they pulled the towel off me. Now I start laughing, and then they started doing other stuff. I said, ‘I’m old enough to be your grandfather.'”

Healy said “it was filthy” and he “chased them away.”

When he sat down, Healy says he was photographed by a political enemy.

We needn’t point out that’s not exactly the story from 2004.

The man has had his share of public controversies.

After he was elected mayor, he got into a highly publicized scuffle in 2006 with police officers outside a Bradley Beach bar owned by his sister.

He was arrested and later fined for the incident.

We figure the voter’s will forgive him for this too – but why he brought it up again boggles our minds.

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