One way to get rid of a traffic camera

15 May

Jon-Lundberg-sizedTennessee state Representative Jon Lundberg is back in our sights again.

He’s the Republican that introduced a resolution last month in the state house to honor himself.

He’s now co-sponsoring a bill to take down a traffic camera.

The same one, we note, that busted him for speeding in 2010.

Lundberg said the traffic camera speeding ticket “had absolutely zero effect” on his decision to sponsor the bill, adding, “In fact, until you said that, I completely forgot about that.”

He was ticketed for driving 60 miles an hour in a 45 mile-per-hour zone just weeks before voters elected him to a third election.

He said he receives constant complaints that the traffic cameras are a bother for people wanting to visit the Bristol Motor Speedway in his district.

He said he is also worried about traffic crashes at the site of the cameras.

The answer is – of course – don’t speed.

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