The best politics is local

21 May

Papenpuss02-sizedThat’s where all the craziness is.

We’re ignoring Michelle Bachmann for the moment.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is the town we find ourselves.

Mayoral candidate Lewis L. Butts, Jr. is getting some publicity he doesn’t want.

He’s been charged with criminal mischief and criminal conspiracy for spray painting the campaign yard signs of candidate Eric Papenfuse.

He changed Papenfuse’s name to “Papenpuss.

This is actually kind of funny.

These are the things you do when you’re running somewhere between zero and 2 percent in the polls.

The county District Attorney says a taxi driver saw Butts and another man defacing signs and got the license number of their car.

It was traced to Butts’ sister who gave him up in a heartbeat.

Butts admitted to police he did it but wouldn’t give the name of the man who helped him.

Loyalty like that is hard to find these days.

Butts could face two years in prison, but he would most likely be facing a sentence of probation under the sentencing guidelines.

It wasn’t even worth chasing him down so the charges are being mailed to Butts.

Photo: That’s Butts’ picture. The sign we made up.

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