KITV looking like a shill

28 May

Brick-Oven-sizedWhat the hell?

KITV knocked us out of our chair with a story right after 6:30 last night about a pizza restaurant opening in Kaneohe.

“It’s replacing Blockbuster in the Kaneohe Bay Shopping Center.”

Wow, that’s important for people statewide to know.

That press release deserves 30-seconds of news time?

Throughout all our years in radio and TV news, one of the cardinal rules was the sales department stays out of the news department.

Sales would love nothing more than a plug in a newscast for a potential or current sponsor.

A request would get a reaction from the news director close to a nuclear explosion.

We’re not saying this was a plug for the pizza company but we’re hard pressed to see it as anything else.

Adding the 20 seconds of crappy video of cruising their website (with mouse cursor and all) did nothing to entice us.

If they can’t find enough real news to fill an hour show then maybe they aren’t looking hard enough.

We finding it hard to believe someone, somewhere, didn’t grumble about this being in the newscast – and was told to shut up.

We hope we’re wrong.

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