The whisper of scandal

28 May

toronto-mayor-rob-ford-sizedAll it takes is someone making a charge.

If you’re a politician like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford,  it’s dynamite.

A week ago the website Gawker claimed someone contacted it with a claim someone had video of Ford smoking crack cocaine.

The guy was a “friend-of-a-friend” and said the owner would sell the tape for “six figures”.

Then disappeared – not to be heard from since.

That didn’t stop the gossip from growing and a Toronto newspaper followed it with an “expose” of his family’s drug history.

Now the Mayor’s week just got worse, if that’s possible.

Both his press secretary and deputy press secretary have suddenly quit.

The two walked out of City Hall just before Ford arrived.

The mayor ignored a questions from reporter’s asking what happened.

So, what’s going on?

No one knows and the Mayor isn’t talking.

The only thing to add is the resignations come less than a week after Ford fired his chief of staff.

It may or may not be tied into the unsubstantiated charges – but it all started around the same time.


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