Minnesota crazy lady

29 May


UPDATE: Bachmann this morning announced she wouldn’t run for a fifth term in Congress.

The decision was presented in a video posted on her website after this article was written.

She says her decision was based on:  if eight years was the maximum time in office for a president, the same limit should apply to a House member.

If true, she’s the only politician to think that.

Minnesota Republican Representative Michele Bachmann may be close to the end of her political career.

Known for outlandish statements and a crazy look, she is facing her biggest threat in the 2014 elections.

The bomb-throwing conservative and onetime Republican presidential candidate is facing a ferocious reelection contest.

Facing her is a serious Democratic opponent who has the full backing of his national party.

The biggest problem for Bachmann is not her nuttiness, but rather the numerous investigations into her campaign finances.

Both the Federal Election Commission and the Office of Congressional Ethics are looking in to whether her campaign hid payments to an Iowa state senator who did some work for her 2012 presidential attempt.

Iowa state ethics law doesn’t allow senators from doing paid campaign work.

On top of that, late last week, newspapers were reporting the FBI would be joining the investigation and interviewing a former Bachmann chief of staff.

Seeing an opportunity, Democrat Jim Graves has launched a rematch against Bachmann.

In 2012 he came within 5,000 votes – 1.2 percentage points – of beating in 2012.

And the latest polls show him with a narrow lead over the four-term Bachmann.

As dopey as she can be, Bachmann is the darling of the Tea Party and is known for her ability to raise wads of campaign money.

While her reelection is 18 months away, she is taking the step of running campaign ads unusually early.

A sure sign she’s nervous.

But still – she’s in a district that’s the most conservative in the state.

If conservative anger at President Obama boils over she’ll be in a position to benefit.

We can’t wait to see what the crazy lady does next.

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