Dippling into the cookie jar

3 Jun

robert-ford-charleston-sizedYour political donation does not become a politician’s personal piggy bank.

Something that was apparently over the head of Democratic State Senator Robert Ford of South Carolina.

The ethics committee nailed him after looking at his personal and banking records.

It seems the good Senator used campaign money for personal stuff, like paying a car loan and shopping in adult stores.

In one of his better decisions, Ford resigned immediately and checked himself into a hospital with chest pains.

Ford was accused of depositing campaign donations into personal bank accounts, and spending campaign money on personal medical expenses, gym memberships and purchases from adult stores, according to the Senate Ethics Committee.

Ford, of course, denied spending campaign money on himself, saying the purchases at the adult stores, for example, were for gifts for two campaign workers.

“I don’t take no money from my campaign for me. Every penny went for projects.”

Our former English teacher just rolled over in her grave.

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