Friendly fire

3 Jun

The anti-Obama political ads are starting in the South.

Southern Democrats who want to be on the ballot next year are beginning to announce their independence from President Obama.

Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor is a good example.

With his first reelection campaign ad he nicks the President for his gun control legislation.

Anti-Pryor-ad-sizedHe’s also taking aim at New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has been airing ads in the state criticizing Pryor for his vote against the Toomey-Manchin bill.

“The mayor of New York City is running ads against me because I opposed President Obama’s gun control legislation. Nothing in the Obama plan would have prevented tragedies like Newtown, Aurora, Tucson, or even Jonesboro.”

He’s the first Democratic senator to air a campaign ad this year – more than 17 months away from the November 2014 election.

With voters in the South seeing gun control and immigration as hot button issues, Pryor’s TV ad indicates how democrats might be planning to structure their campaigns.

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