Palin and Fox hook up again

14 Jun

Sarah-Palin-Paul-revere-sizedEvery political cartoon artist is finding joy once again.

Mama Bear is coming back.

Sarah Palin is rejoining Fox News Channel as an analyst less than six months after both decided to part ways.

Palin has signed up as a “contributor” to Fox and the Fox Business Network.

That means she gets to give her opinion on whatever the subject is that day.

We wonder if anyone cares.

Her first appearance back will be Monday on the morning show “Fox & Friends.”

She apparently hasn’t learned much during her time off saying, “the power of Fox News is unparalleled. The role of Fox News in the important debates in our world is indispensable.”

You might remember Palin joined Fox with great fanfare three years ago, when she was being talked about as a 2012 presidential contender.

Supposedly she got $1 million a year.

This time around – no one is saying – but it’s sure to be a lot less.

After all, she has returned to being a nobody.

It wasn’t the best of times when she was there before.

The staff did not like how she prepared for many of her segments.

Actually, there was no preparation.

Then she made her announcement she wasn’t going to run for the VP office on some radio show – not Fox – and that pissed the television network off.

It’s nice to see everyone kissed and made up.

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