So this congressman goes into a bar…

14 Jun

Ralph-Hall-sizedWhen you’re 90 years old, you’re occasionally going to go to end up in the wrong place.

It just happens, kind of like that shirt.

Texas Republican Representative Ralph Hall wandered into the wrong bar a couple of days ago.

Now, that’s usually not a big thing.

Have a drink or two, grab some pupus, make nice and wander out.

Except this was the worst party he could have stumbled upon.

You see, Ralph is very old, very conservative and very set in his ways.

He doesn’t like gay people and he is the co-sponsor of the Marriage Protection Act of 2009.

The open-bar party was the Victory Fund Pride reception for the LGBT – an organization that works to get gays and lesbians more involved in running for elected office.

That’s a pretty big oops.

For a while, people say he sipped his drink and made polite conversation.

Then the light bulb went on.

Hall and his staff thought they were attending an event for a fellow congressman.

After a bit he asked about the congressman whom he was there to support.

After he got the bad news, Hall is said to have put down his drink, mumbled something and quickly wandered back out.

No word on whether he actually had a good time or learned anything while he was there.

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