Getting on national TV

17 Jun

Mary-Landrieu-sizedEvery Senator wants to make a big speech in the Senate chambers.

Very few get the opportunity.

If you watch C-SPAN (why?) you should have noticed most speeches are before an almost empty chamber.

The Senator wants to get on the record and needs something for the TV stations back home.

The only way to get national exposure is to be 1) very powerful, 2) very controversial or 3) stupid.

Today, we present #3.

Democrat Mary Landrieu of Louisiana doesn’t like the so-called “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

It would require a fence be built along Mexico’s border with the US before legalization.

Landrieu was trying to undermine the amendment Republican Senator John Thune offered.

She tried to argue Senator John McCain was more qualified to talk about border issues than Thune because McCain represents Arizona.

“A smart fence, which is what Senator McCain and I want to build–since he’s from Arizona, I think he knows more about this than the Senator from South Dakota who only has a border with Canada and that is quite different.”

You can be sure we’re not the first to point out South Dakota does not share a border with Canada.

It does, however, share borders with North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa.

Canada isn’t even close.

Landrieu went on to argue that the 700-mile border double-fence that Congress passed into law a few years ago is a “dumb fence.”

She said she would be “voting against” Thune’s amendment requiring the implementation of current law because of she thinks the fence is “dumb.”

“So I would be voting against Senator Thune’s amendment because I’m not going to waste taxpayer money on a dumb fence, and that’s what his amendment would be. We need to build a smart fence and a fence is not just a physical structure which could be built out of a variety of different materials with or without barbed wire on the top.”

Senator Thune came back to the floor after that to note that the Louisiana Senator actually voted for the “dumb fence” a few years ago.

So, Landrieu came back to the floor to respond to Thune: “You are correct, I voted for the dumb fence once, I’m not going to do it again because I learned my mistake.”

She still needs to learn where Canada is, but at least she got her national exposure.

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