Crappy government powerpoint

18 Jun

Death-by-powerpoint-sizedOne thing government loves is PowerPoint.

One thing government does worse than anything is PowerPoint.

Believe it or not, there are guidelines on how to make a good-looking PowerPoint presentation.

It’s obvious few in government have read them.

It won’t make much difference as most agencies have a template that everyone must use.

Designed by someone who knows nothing about communication or style.

You’d think the National Security Agency could afford a decent designer with their vast resources and classified budget, but as you may have already noticed, the recently leaked slideshow on the PRISM program suggests quite the contrary.

So freelance designer Emiland De Cubber took it upon himself to help out the agency with their horrible design choices by redoing the entire presentation.

Want to see the whole thing?
Go here.

It’s really a great ad for his business.

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