Stuff your subscription

20 Jun

Paul-Lepage-sizedMaine Republican Governor Paul LePage’s administration “will no longer comment on stories published by the Portland Press Herald, the Kennebec Journal and the Morning Sentinel.”

This all comes after those newspapers ran a three-day series of articles looking at LePage’s top environmental regulator and how her department’s actions have benefited her former lobbying clients in private industry.

That reminds us of a story of former Mayor Frank Fasi.

He used to have the newspaper clipped every morning.

Someone in the Office of Information and Complaint (OIC) would cut out articles that mentioned Fasi or any city story, glue each one to a 11×17 piece of paper and the stack was placed on his desk for his morning reading.

Almost every politician does something similar.

One day Fasi got pissed at something in the Advertiser and made a big deal out of cancelling the city’s subscription to the newspaper.

The paper was always writing something he didn’t like.

Fasi still wanted to read about himself so then someone in OIC would buy a paper every morning on the way to work, cut it up, glue to the a big piece of paper.

He still read the stuff and still got angry.

He was an interesting man.

And a very good Mayor.

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