Canada is turning into America

21 Jun

Miceal-Applebaum-sizedThose of us in America look across the border at Canada and think warm thoughts.

Nice country, nice people, talk a bit funny.

Never much in the way of problems and it’s government doesn’t seem much interested in listening to people’s phone calls.

What the hell went wrong?

Quebec’s anti-corruption unit has swept in and arrested Montreal’s interim mayor.

Miceal Applebaum promised to clean up the corruption scandals plaguing the city.

Now he’s been busted on fraud charges.

And he was appointed interim Mayor after the previous mayor, Gerald Tremblay, resigned following corruption allegations.

Applebaum faces 14 charges, including defrauding government, abuse of confidence and corruption.

The charges come from alleged acts that occurred before he became mayor.

While there’s no details, it’s being reported it relates to real estate projects between 2006 and 2011 when he served as borough mayor, whatever that is.

Applebaum’s arrest comes just a month after Gilles Vaillancourt, the former longtime mayor of neighboring Laval, was arrested on corruption charges.

Now Montreal has to find another interim Mayor to sit in until the November election.

You might remember Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who leads Canada’s largest city, is facing unrelated allegations that he appeared in a video smoking crack cocaine.

Oh Canada, you are really disappointing us.
You’re being way too American.

2 Responses to “Canada is turning into America”

  1. Emma August 3, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    Then please get your businesses and entertainment OUT of our country, You’re the ones making us like you.

    • Honolulu Notes August 3, 2013 at 4:01 pm #

      We agree that some (maybe much) of the TV in the United States is stupid and mind numbing, but…
      1) people don’t have to watch it, and
      2) it’s not so much as we send it and Canada takes it, and
      3) we’re not so sure watching Wipe Out will make someone a crook.

      Morality and honestly are taught at home. Canada is suffering from the same thing the United States is: we all think politicians are crooks, except for the one we put in office. So we keep putting bums and crooks into positions where the can steal and lie. Better people need to run for office except the process is so painful and expensive that only the most driven and hungry are willing.

      The political system needs to change – on both sides of the border.

      Thanks for your thoughts.
      Honolulu Notes

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