Dear congress: you suck

21 Jun

think-before-you-vote-sizedNearly eight in 10 Americans told Gallup this month they don’t like the way Congress is handling its job.

To put this in some perspective – this is the 45th consecutive month that more than two-thirds of Americans graded Congress as sucky.

The problem isn’t as much what Congress is doing as what it is not getting done.

Fifty-nine percent of those giving Congress a thumbs down say partisan gridlock and ineffectiveness is the reason.

It gets worse.

Gallup’s 40-year study of the public’s faith in American institutions found that the percentage of people expressing confidence in Congress has dropped to 10 percent.

For the fourth straight year, Congress ranks last on a list of 16 institutions.

In fact, Congress’s ranking is the worst Gallup has ever found for any institution it has measured since 1973.

Churches, businesses, the media, labor unions, and schools — people are losing faith in virtually every social institution that made America great.

And people are putting Congress at the bottom of a decrepit barrel.

What’s good?
Three-quarters like the military.

As for the bad side, the reason is simple, Democrats control the Senate and Republicans the House.

Each side thinks it’s right and neither will not give in to the other.

Therefore nothing much gets done and people get fed up.

Gridlock has many causes.

First, House districts are drawn by politicians to protect incumbents and that creates a situation where only very conservative Republicans and very liberal Democrats survive most party primaries.

The rise of the tea party has particularly screwed things up in the GOP.

The Internet has allows voters to limit their information sources to those that agree with their personal views.

No matter how crazy or sane your view, you can find a website that agrees.

Polarized voters push Congress to extremes, making Americans both against – and a cause of – gridlock.

It’s all our own fault.

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