Goodbye and good riddance

24 Jun

Stella-Tremblay03-sizedTo call this lady controversial would be a gross understatement.

In our opinion New Hampshire Republican state Representative Stella Tremblay falls squarely in the bat-shit crazy box.

Twice she has claimed the US government is responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.

The second time turned out to be too much.

She has resigned from the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

It happened just minutes before lawmakers were ready to pass a two-year, nearly $11 billion budget.

Serving in her second term in the House, Tremblay made national headlines in April after she claimed the Boston Marathon bombings might have been a government-sponsored “false flag” meant to take away civil liberties.

Afterwards, the full House voted to condemn her comments.

Just about everyone is saying she did the right thing by resigning.

Several signed off on this statement:

“Republican Representative Stella Tremblay was an embarrassment to her constituents and to the entire State of New Hampshire, her resignation was long past due.”

There’s also a move underway to toss her out of the Republican Party.

We hope the lady gets the help she appears to need.

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