I’m sorry – vote for me

10 Jul

Weiner-and-the-look-sizedAnother week and another disgraced politician trying to climb back from purgatory.

Another chance for some people to marvel about the power of forgiveness and redemption, and other people to marvel about the power of egomania and pure chutzpah.

For most of us, we’d stay hidden under a rock for years if we endured humiliation and disgrace of the sort Eliot Spitzer brought down on himself.

You have to wonder – What makes these guys tick?

We’re no shrink but we have to think the attempted comeback of Spitzer, Anthony Weiner and Mark Sanford has to more than just a coincidence.

There’s a fundamental truth in politics: The thing that pulls many people to obsessively chase public approval and power through winning elections is closely linked to the instinct that leads many of these same people to sexual excess and disaster.

And this is the same brass-balls instinct that drives many of these same politicians to return to the arena even after destroying their careers with things like visiting hookers as governor or sharing pictures of one’s private parts on social media as a high-profile member of Congress.

One politician says this dangerous living “part of the personality” of the successful elected official.

Many of them feel like they are entitled, somehow beyond the reach of normal behavior.

Most of the politicians we know are not like regular people.

They have a sense of themselves that is different from most of us.

Their political comeback is spread thick with claims of contrition and deep self-reflection.

Their fundamental personalities remain.

Driven, flamboyant, possessed at least on the outside of exceedingly high self-regard.

Mix in the fact they are surrounded by people constantly praising them.

It’s a recipe for stepping over the line.

Journalist Sally Quinn hit the nail on the head, “The essential thing that these politicians all have is an absence of shame.

The ease with which politicians come back from scandal says less about the character of them than the character of the times.

The fact is, in today’s society, people expect everyone does everything.

Voters look at candidates and ask themselves: Are they competent and effective?

If the answer is yes, the response to their scandal becomes, Who cares?

Politicians have been fooling around ever since there has been a political office.

Fifty years ago the press ignored it if they tried to be discrete.

No longer.

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