10 Jul

Soundbites03-sized“Let’s see Bruce Braley paint me as a racist with a black wife.”
– Republican Scott Schaben, saying his marriage to an African American woman would prevent opponents from portraying him as a racist in the Iowa U.S. Senate race.

“Why are you late? Were you with a hooker?”
– An unidentified man at Eliot Spitzer’s first campaign appearance for New York City Comptroller.

“The question with both Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer is, what have they been doing to earn this second chance?”
– New York mayoral Democrat candidate Christine Quinn.

“Here we ho again.”
– New York Post on the political comeback attempt by former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer.

“What the Senate just passed was, again, a bunch of, you know, candy thrown down there, a bunch of assets thrown down there to gain votes, but without a methodical, smart border approach.”
– Republican Representative Mike McCaul on the immigration reform legislation.

“The senators are your voice here on all matters. They are the only ones we’ll be hearing from today.”
– North Carolina Republican Lt. Governor Dan Forest to women in the Senate gallery protesting surprise abortion legislation.

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