Civil Beat spreads its wings

16 Jul

Civil-Beat-logo-sizedCivil Beat tried something new, and we like it.

The on-line paper did a video story about dancing in bars.

The video tries to explain how complicated enforcement is since no one has really defined dancing.

The article is here.

Let’s get the critique out-of-the-way, and then explain why it doesn’t matter.

The editing was not very good and some shots held much too long making the pacing much too slow.

The audio voice over has that hollow off-mike sound that screams “yipes!”

Producing professional videos is an art and a skill and to do it well takes training and time.

But the idea is fun and it works.

Tighter editing, narration and scripting will come with time if Civil Beat decides to keep the idea.

The advantage TV stations have with their websites is they can post the reporters stories and video.

The down side is they look at their website as something to do to play in the digital world, not something that should stand on its own.

Updates are slow and very little real news is available.

A right balance from Civil Beat would be a great thing – if it invests in someone to oversee and teach its reporters how to do good videos.

It just takes someone who knows what he or she is doing – and some time.

We wait with interest to see what they do.

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