Mr. Chang wants to go to Washington

16 Jul

Chang-for-Congress-sizedCity Council member Stanley Chang says he’s running for Congress.

He wants Colleen Hanabusa’s seat.
She’s planning on running against Brian Schatz, who was appointed to Dan Inouye’s seat.

Confused with all these musical chairs?
It’ll get worse.

Remember this – while he is the only announced candidate now, there will be more and he won’t win.

Stanley-Chang-City-Council-sizedHere’s what he’s fighting:

1) He looks too young.
Chang looks like a young bank manager working his way up.
Young is a bad look for politics.

Looking young sucks when you want to move up.
But it then becomes a good thing when you’re old and want to keep moving up.

2) He doesn’t have much experience.
He’s only been on the Council for 2 1/2 years – hardly long enough to make a mark.
Who he is and what he stands for are still a work in progress.

3) What he would do.
There’s nothing on his campaign website that makes him different from everyone else.
There’s no grand vision, nothing new that hasn’t been heard before by almost every candidate.

Nothing to fire the imagination and paint him as a leader.

Does that mean he wouldn’t make a good member of Congress or he’s a bad person?
Not at all.

It all means he still hasn’t done anything or progressed far enough in politics to make him a viable candidate in our view.

We don’t see much change since he first sat on the Council.

All of this, of course, depends who else throws their hat into the ring for Hanabusa’s seat.

You can be sure some heavyweights will.

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