17 Jul

Soundbites-02-sized“I thought we were friends.”
– Republican Senator Mike Enzi on Liz Cheney’s announcement she would challenge him in a GOP primary in New York.

“I’m not the guy who’s going to appoint a Supreme Court justice or anything stupid. But there were moments when I thought, ‘You know what, damn it, can I at least appoint the commission that I chair.'”
– Democrat California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom on the temptations he faces as acting governor when Governor Jerry Brown leaves the state. He then added, “I’m not going to do it.”

“I think that the president, even by executive order, could again wave his magic wand before 2014, and he’d say ‘Now, all new legal Americans are going to have voting rights.'”
– Republican Representative Michele Bachmann explaining how House Republicans would risk losing their majority if they passed an immigration bill that contained a pathway to citizenship.

“The evidence didn’t support prosecution and the Justice Department engaged in this, the President engaged in this and turned it into a political issue that should have been handled exclusively with law and order.”
– Republican Representative Steve King arguing that George Zimmerman should never have been tried for the killing of Trayvon Martin.

“I was just watching MSNBC, and they had a woman that used to work for me and a couple of other people on there, and they were talking about the Republican primary. And I was laughing. I said, ‘Boy, it really has become our version of Fox.'”
– Bill Clinton.

“How can you be this stupid?”
– Jay Leno, in an interview with Eliot Spitzer.

“I go out in the crowd all of the time. Frankly, yesterday I went out and talked to several of them and they were not very respectful. They did not represent the majority of those who call themselves moral by cussing me out. But that’s the way things go some times.”
– Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory on the “Moral Monday” protests at the state capitol every week.

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