The tabloid twins

17 Jul

Sspitzer_and_Wiener-sizedYou may find this surprising…

A new poll in New York City shows Anthony Weiner leading the Democratic race for mayor and former Governor Eliot Spitzer is leading in the race for Comptroller.

Both were run out of office by sexual misconduct.

Both have a good shot at winning.

How does that sit with you?

As to why, it’s simple, actually.

Their notoriety is earning them good numbers.
It’s a headline driven campaign.

And, they are much better known than the other candidates because of that notoriety.

People frequently vote for the name that seems most familiar.

Then, most people say financial impropriety is a worse offense for an elected official than sexual misconduct.

A lot of people appear not to care what a politician does in their private live as long as they do the people’s business well.

My, have we changed.

How many times have we heard that politicians are supposed to be held to a higher standard, be trustworthy and dependable?

We have standards and this hits us as the slippery slope to hell.

This isn’t a matter of political philosophy – it’s a matter of common decency.

When did it be okay to have scallywags and scum bags running our government?

Apparently it’s okay in some parts of the country.
We’re ignoring Chicago which has a long and proud history of corruption in government.

Yes, people deserve a second chance but usually you have to earn it by starting over at the bottom.

There’s an old saying: you can patch the crack in the dam, but people are going to keep an eye on it for a long time.

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