Tulsi gives ’em hell

18 Jul

Tulsi-Gabbard-sizedHawaii freshman Representative Tulsi Gabbard is a frustrated lady and it made the national news.

Gabbard, a democrat, is very disappointed with Congress and let it fly in a speech.

“This is the daily frustration of my life currently, as you sit there and just wonder, what are we doing? Very, very frustrated, serving in a Congress that’s completely unpopular, that all of American is frustrated with, and I can have a 16-hour day and at the end of the day, feel like I’ve accomplished nothing because we’re talking about issues that seem to be idiotic, and not only are a waste of time but end up hurting people.”

Good for her.

She says activism is the antidote and urged people to “serve as a voice” through technology, reaching out to friends, family and members of Congress, and tell real stories of real people being affected by these crazy policies that are being proposed.

We just love her.

This is something we’ve preached for years – hold elected officials’ feet to fire.

That’s what will change things.

It’s your fault.

You put them in office.

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