Staying with sleaze

25 Jul

anthony-weiner-sizedWe’re sort of “live and let live” folks.

We don’t care all that much what you do privately as long as it doesn’t affect us or you try to shove it in our face.

But there’s a moral line in the sand and stepping over it moves one from respected to jerk in our book.

Anthony Weiner’s private behavior shows the flip side of having no shame.

The guy believes he can avoid the consequences of social judgment entirely.

It wouldn’t bother us that much if Weiner continued to sext women after his resignation so long as he admitted that, to him, such behavior was not immoral, not wrong, and not a violation of whatever boundaries he and his wife have set for their marriage.

Also, he should to be discreet.

Instead, Weiner he insists that what he did is wrong, that he learned his lesson, and that his wife has forgiven him.

Let’s call is what it is – shibai.

We doubt he learned any lessons from this.

Would Weiner’s bad judgment in his personal life undermine his ability to function if he were elected mayor of New York City.

He takes the easy way out, “I think it’s a fair question. People have to answer that question for themselves.”

He seemed to promise the lady at the other end a job in exchange for getting rid of the incriminating messages.

That a major city mayor is willing to put himself in this position, where he basically plea-bargains against possible blackmail, is a big black mark against his competence.

His inability to discreetly conduct his affairs is another.

Now he’s admitting this went on a full year after he resigned from Congress after getting caught for the same thing.

He was sending sex chats to the lady as late as last August, when he was going around saying he’s a changed man.

Morality may be changing, but we doubt voters want to see mayor’s privates and sex chats shoved in their faces.

If Weiner needs the release of internet chatting to satisfy his urges, he should understand that until he decides that his behavior is not wrong and is willing to make a case for that, and until the public catches up with that, he either has to stop cold turkey or show enough respect to his constituents to figure out how not to get caught in the damn act.

If he can’t get off without it getting out, he doesn’t deserve to be mayor.

Eliot-Spitzer-02-sizedThen there’s the former Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, also running for office.

Spitzer is saying he hadn’t visited prostitutes after his own downfall in 2008.

Voters seem a bit more forgiving of him.

Some of the people don’t think grabbing a hooker is a bad thing.

“I always thought that what you do in your personal life should not be seen in politics. He has my support. I think he’d do a good job. That’s the main thing.”

Apparently to some – visiting hookers appears to be okay but dirty messages and pictures of your stuff on Twitter are not.

You know, we don’t disagree.

At least Spitzer was discrete.
Until he got caught.

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