Revisiting – The Look

26 Jul

weiners-latest-look-sizedTime to resurrect an old story from two years ago.

The Look.

Check it here then continue.

Here is the latest picture from Anthony Weiner.

With The look in full bloom.


The New York City mayoral candidate has now admitted he sent racy text messages to up to three women after he resigned in disgrace from Congress in 2011.

This came after Weiner was grilled by a reporter about how many women he had sent sexual texts to.

After dodging the question and saying it wasn’t “dozens and dozens,” Weiner admitted it was more like between six and 10.

Asked how many of those exchanges occurred since his resignation, he said “I don’t believe I had any more than three.”

A carefully vague answer, like many of Weiner’s that became more.

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll showed his favorability rating among registered Democrats has tanked since June, from 52 to 30 percent.

Weiner is promising to stay in the race saying his indiscretions have ended.


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