Random politics

30 Jul

Random-political-stuff-sizedNorth Carolina Republican Governor Pat McCrory says he will sign into law a Republican-backed bill making massive changes to how and when citizens can vote.
That’s even though he has not seen one of its key provisions.
When asked by a reporter about a provision ending the program encouraging high school students to register to vote in advance of their 18th birthdays, he said, “I don’t know enough, I’m sorry, I haven’t seen that part of the bill.”

Democrat Anthony Weiner paid a private investigator nearly $45,000 in campaign money to investigate his lie that a hacker posted a shot of his manhood on his Twitter feed.
Weiner’s attempt to cover his tracks happened shortly after Memorial Day weekend in 2011, when his first sexting scandal became public.
He went into furious spin control trying to save his career in Congress – ultimately paying a private investigations firm – knowing nobody hacked anything and that he’d sent the image himself.

Donald Trump is at it – again.
He’s saying, at age 67, he’s considering a run for President.
Sound familiar?
Said Trump: “I’m looking. I have a large following of people who are tired of seeing this country ripped off, and taken advantage of [by] everyone who does business with us. We used to be the smart one of the block, and now we’re the dummies on the block. They want to see me, and I want to see them.”

Multiple sources are saying the long-suffering wife of Eliot Spitzer has had enough.
Silda – who is not joining him on the campaign trail – is planning to start divorce proceedings after his run for New York City comptroller is over.
We’re surprised it’s taken this long.

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