My way or the highway

1 Aug

Ted-Cruz-sizedPeople from Texas are interesting.

Outside of Hawaii, there is no other group so proud to be where they live.

You talk to a Texan and they say they have the biggest and best of everything.

Which leads us to Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

He is the biggest and best self-promoter we’re seen in quite a while.

The guy and his senior aides are attacking fellow Republicans for refusing to support Cruz’ plan to choke off Obamacare as a condition for funding the government.

His staff is blasting fellow conservatives for serving in the “surrender caucus” and the senator himself is saying many Republicans are “scared” to joint this fight.

All this is starting something of a GOP civil war.

The strange thing is the GOP is united behind dumping Obamacare.

On the other hand, Senate Republicans clearly don’t like Cruz.

He’s a media hog for one thing.

Now, politicians by definition are all media hogs but Cruz takes it to a new level.

The joke around Congress is – if there’s a news camera within a mile, Cruz will outrun anyone to get there first.

Humble is also something he doesn’t practice.

The essence of the disagree is Cruz can’t understand why his GOP colleagues don’t welcome the fight, while more senior, seasoned Republicans think the freshman simply doesn’t understand — or care — about the political consequences for their party of a government shutdown.

Plus, Cruz’s critics think the plan to repeal Obamacare is destined to fail.

Cruz doesn’t care about that stuff, “There is a powerful, defeatist approach among Republicans in Washington. I think they’re beaten down and they’re convinced that we can’t give a fight, and they’re terrified.”

Cruz and his staff are going after some who don’t agree with him in very personal terms.

Some say he is part of a new breed of Republicans who love the intraparty warfare, believing that a push for GOP purity will help build their stature within the party while pulling Republicans further to the right.

Makes sense to us.

It must make sense to him too as his hold-no-prisoners style has won him many fans on the right.

The Tea Party has been looking for a new hero and he may be the anointed one.

All of this could well be designed at boosting his visibility ahead of a possible presidential run.

If true, and it could well be – then all of this isn’t about principle and it isn’t about party.

It’s about promoting Ted Cruz’s presidential ambitions, and he and his team are making clear that retaining the House or winning back a Senate GOP majority are all secondary to that goal.

It’s a shortsighted and selfish political strategy that has come to identify much of the Republican Party recently.

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