You can’t dodge the press

2 Aug

Eliot-Spitzer03-sizedDemocrat Eliot Spitzer has his own set of political problems, just like Anthony Weiner.

Most of those come from living by his own set of rules, just like Anthony Weiner.

You might remember – Spitzer used to be Governor of New York.

He resigned after it was found out he had a thing for ladies of the night.

He’s back and running for Comptroller of New York City.

There’s a no nothing job.

Anyway, Spitzer, who has been living apart from his wife, sidestepped questions whether he now has a mistress on the side.

One has to wonder – is this really important?

Who really cares?

What’s keeping this alive in the New York papers is he’s refusing to answer whether he has a girlfriend or not.

During a campaign stop, he did not say “no” when a reporter asked three times whether he has a girlfriend.

“I am so tired of the personal attacks and I’ve answered all those questions.”

Here’s the thing – he probably has a girlfriend.

His response was a dodge.

If he didn’t, he could have said “no” and everybody moved on.

Reporters will tell you that type of answer actually means “yes” but he’s trying to keep from telling a lie that will be held against him later.

That’s dumb because the answer will always come out and he’ll look worse.

If you deal with the press on a regular basis you have to learn the reporters will never stop digging if they think you’re dodging or lying.

He should have learned that before, but apparently didn’t.

That judgment, or lack of, is what’s going to bury him just as it is Weiner.

Most people would leave the issue alone except Spitzer has made a big thing of saying he is still married and is not “separated.”

And the press will dig until it gets to the bottom.

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