US – 10, Australia – 5, Canada – 3

8 Aug

peter_dowling-sizedWe complained a while back that Canada was becoming way too American – with its politicians now getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Australia has upped the ante with some Aussies getting into bad behavior.

Queensland MP and Liberal National Party Member for Peter Dowling has been apologizing to his wife, children, family and friends for “the shame and embarrassment I have caused you.”

The word is out that Dowling, who has been married for 27 years and has two children, had sent a series of explicit text messages and images to a young lady.

They including a picture of his manhood resting in a glass of red wine.

We have to give him credit for creativity.

To our knowledge Anthony Weiner never was that romantic.

In a four-page letter to Queensland Speaker Fiona Simpson, the woman charged the pair used his parliamentary apartment and electorate office for sex for almost 2 and a half years.

Dowling has been accused of taking advantage of parliamentary travel to meet his mistress in locations all over Australia and New Zealand.

We do wonder why the “lady” decides to come forward after all this time.

Anyway, Dowling has taken to Queensland’s parliament floor to confirm the affair and resign from his committee roles.

Ironically, he chaired the powerful ethics committee, which deals with complaints about the conduct of parliamentarians.

He also served as a member on the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Commission, which oversees the state’s corruption watchdog.

“I am not proud of the events plastered all over today’s paper and I can’t and won’t defend any part of it. I owe my staff an apology for the calls and emails they will no doubt be fielding. I owe my colleagues, my fellow members an apology for any embarrassment and any poor reflection on the party.”

Let’s see if Weiner can top this.

We suspect he already has and we have yet to hear of it.

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