Color me hispanic

12 Aug

Fred-DuVal-sizedThere’s no doubt the Hispanic vote is becoming important, especially in places like Arizona.

Most politicians pander to it by speaking a little Spanish, promise immigration reform and professing to love spicy beans.

Then there’s those who take it further.

A Phoenix businessman campaigning for the Democratic nomination to run for governor of Arizona is being accused of doctoring a photo to make his skin look darker.

The intention, according to several reports, was to “look Hispanic.”

Fred DuVal, says not true, it was something of a joke in response to being referred to by the state GOP as “The World’s Most Uninteresting Man.”

That’s a play on words in the Dos Equis beer ad, whose pitchman is described as “The Most Interesting Man In the World.”

Here’s his real and fake picture.

DuVal said he simply wanted to show Republicans that he is a good sport, according to a newspaper.

Painful attempts at humor, especially with racial overtones, usually backfire on candidates.
He’s apparently forgotten no one seems to have a sense of humor anymore.

DuVal issued a press release saying he was flattered by all the attention the GOP is giving him so long before the primaries and the election.

Some Latinos aren’t seeing the humor.

They says it strikes them as desperate and a cheap shot.

Others are saying it was a dumb joke, nothing more.

We agree with group number two.

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