Random politics

13 Aug

anthony-weiner-sizedChecking in with our favorite scallywags.

Showing the world your junk does not make you presidential material.

A new poll has Anthony Weiner setting an all-time Siena College Poll record with 80 percent of voters viewing him unfavorably, including three-quarters of Democrats and New York City voters.

Only 11 percent still have a favorable view of America’s most infamous tweeter – which is surprising to us.
We expected it to be lower.

Eliot-Spitzer-02-sizedTwo-thirds of voters say the attention from the races involving Weiner and former hooker-loving Gov. Eliot Spitzer is embarrassing to New York.

Speaking of Spitzer…

He’s doing a bit better only a 59 percent unfavorable rating.

Then there’s San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

The guy is accused of sexual harassment by as many as 13 women.

Bob-Filner-sizedHe finished his “intensive behavior therapy” but might not be able to get back into his office.

The City Attorney’s Office said the locks on Filner’s office have been changed.

Yeah, they locked the guy out.

This is all quite amazing.

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