There are no priorities

14 Aug

Mitch-McConnell02-sizedWe were sitting here wondering why the 2016 Presidential Election campaign seems to be starting now.

Good grief, it’s three years away.

But instead of traveling down that road this morning, we decided this was even crazier.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says that while he does not like the President Obama’s health care law, shutting down the government over funding it “will not stop” it from existing.

Fair enough and probably true.

Then came this: “The political dangers of a government shutdown showdown are very real for Republicans.”

We damn near spit our coffee out our nose.

What about the dangers for Americans?

The people who depend on government services, or work for the federal government or get social security or disability checks?

The kids that won’t eat without food stamps or the family losing their home without unemployment insurance?

No, to him the danger is how people might blame the Republicans for those missing checks and hungry kids.

We blame them for even thinking this way.

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