About Honolulu Notes

Honolulu Notes is not a news source and shouldn’t be considered one.  Use the newspaper, or god forbid, the 6 o’clock news.

We poke fun at, and comment on, political stories we find of interest.

Some of what we write about comes from personal history or from our interaction with the politicians in town or friends in government with first-hand knowledge of the facts.

We’re also harsh critics of local TV news.
It’s not very good sometimes.

None of our stories about life in politics or the media are made up.
The authors of this blog come from a background in news and/or have worked within the political system for a long time.

We know many of the politicians and reporters in town and the good and bad that goes on behind closed doors.

Once in a while we see something and share it while telling you where it came from. Most stuff we develop on our own, either based on something we saw elsewhere or heard from a source.
That is the standard, such as it is.

You won’t find our names anywhere here.
We don’t do that so we can pick on people from behind a wall.

Our names are fairly well-known and we simply don’t want phone calls at home from upset people we know asking why we said what we did.

If you’ve read our stuff for a while you’ll see there’s no political axe to grind and we take no sides except for decency and civility.

We all middle-of-the-road moderates with an equal amount leaning a bit conservative or a bit liberal with a bit of Libertarian thrown in.

We’re independent in that no political party completely meets our standards for what we’d like to see in our government.

We find it difficult to believe half the stuff that comes out of politicians mouths these day.
We find it more difficult that so many seem to lap it up with an eager smile.

Because we know and have worked with many of the politicians, it gives us a unique perspective on Hawaii politics and the basis of many of the stories we have to tell.

We know what goes on behind the scenes in the so-called “smoke-filled back rooms”.
We’ve been there and we have participated.

What you find here is a personal interpretation and commentary about some of the people, things and politics around town and elsewhere.

We’re sure a fair number of people will disagree.
If you are one of those, participate in the comments.

Again, if you read our stuff you’ll also have seen we don’t put down those who comment no matter how off-the-mark they might be.
If it’s good or crazy enough we’ll ask you to write a column to expand your viewpoint.

Outside submissions

We welcome outside submissions of any length and any subject as long as it is not a commercial for you or a business. We will not censor your work but do reserve the right to edit for length, grammar, spelling or our sense of fairness. Personal attacks are not allowed because that’s not nice.

“Think” pieces are especially welcome.

Surprisingly, we strive to be factual and appreciate clarifications and corrections.

We invite you to send your tips or articles for posting here or email to notes(dot)honolulu(at)gmail(dot)com.
We are the sole decision-maker on what gets posted or not.

No cheap shots.
Keep it factual and nice.
We reserve the right to edit what you send for brevity and civility.

No name will be associated with the article, unless you request it.
Tips are private and sources will not be shared or publicized.

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