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Another city service busted

16 Aug

The public has been complaining for months about the lines at the City’s driver licensing agencies.

Hours, sometimes.

Most of it can be traced to the new federal regulations on the amount of paperwork now needed to prove you’re not an alien from Mars.

The lines are so long the City put in web cams so you could look at one of the various locations and decide whether to pack a picnic lunch before you go.

We decided we’re waited long enough to get some vehicle registration paperwork fixed and picked today to do it.

Being smart users of technology, we went to the City’s website to check the lines.

Here’s what we saw 90 minutes after opening time.

We then went back to bed.



Tomorrow will be interesting

28 Jul

Warning map

Morning distraction

21 Jul

This is 46 minutes long, but it’s fascinating.

The story of the Hawaii Super Ferry – before the wackos killed it off.
From National Geographic.

Grab a big cup of coffee and settle in to see what could have been.

30 seconds with dick

18 Jul

Frail-Cheney-sizedTIME: Mr. Vice President, this is Zeke Miller with TIME Magazine.

Cheney: Yes.

TIME: Can I ask you about your daughter’s campaign?

Cheney: It’s her campaign, so you’ve got to ask her. You guys have got to ask. [Pause.] Obviously, I’m a strong supporter of hers.

TIME: Thank you for your time.

Cheney: You bet.



Civil Beat spreads its wings

16 Jul

Civil-Beat-logo-sizedCivil Beat tried something new, and we like it.

The on-line paper did a video story about dancing in bars.

The video tries to explain how complicated enforcement is since no one has really defined dancing.

The article is here.

Let’s get the critique out-of-the-way, and then explain why it doesn’t matter.

The editing was not very good and some shots held much too long making the pacing much too slow.

The audio voice over has that hollow off-mike sound that screams “yipes!”

Producing professional videos is an art and a skill and to do it well takes training and time.

But the idea is fun and it works.

Tighter editing, narration and scripting will come with time if Civil Beat decides to keep the idea.

The advantage TV stations have with their websites is they can post the reporters stories and video.

The down side is they look at their website as something to do to play in the digital world, not something that should stand on its own.

Updates are slow and very little real news is available.

A right balance from Civil Beat would be a great thing – if it invests in someone to oversee and teach its reporters how to do good videos.

It just takes someone who knows what he or she is doing – and some time.

We wait with interest to see what they do.

Ed Case moves on

12 Jul

Ed_Case_02-sizedEd Case is calling it quits from politics.

In an email to his supporters today, Case says, “Sometimes in life it’s just time to start a new chapter.”

He goes on to say he’s joining Outrigger Enterprises Group as Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer on July 22nd.

“With this new path, I won’t be a candidate for public office as long as I’m with Outrigger. Since I hope that’s a long time, this likely ends any further political career. But I fully intend to continue to participate in the public life of our Hawai’i and country and look forward to those opportunities.”

It’s too bad.
Ed Case is a good, decent man but he made the mistake years ago of trying to run against Dan Akaka and the political establishment never forgave him and cut him off at the knees.

He also lost all support from Dan Inouye for that and that effectively ended any chance of him reaching higher office.

Running against Akaka was not a smart thing but the price Case paid was excessive.

We wish him the best.

Watch your step

9 Jul

Sidewalk-Chalk-sizedWe’ve always tried to walk the middle of the road – keeping in mind there is more truth than just the truth we see.

There are always two sides to any story and what we read is not always both of them.

But we ran across an opinion piece from the Richmond, Virginia Times-Dispatch while on our vacation.

It was written by the Cato Institute – a very conservative “think tank”.

For once, they made some sense.
It clarified much that we see as the truth about some things that have changed – and not for the better.

It told the story of Elizabeth Daly who went to jail over a case of bottled water.

According to the original story in the Charlottesville Daily Progress, shortly after 10 pm a couple of months go – the college student bought ice cream, cookie dough and a carton of sparkling water from a store at a shopping center.

In the parking lot, a half-dozen men and a woman approached her car, flashing some kind of badges she didn’t recognize.

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