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Morning distraction

21 Aug

We bet you’ve never seen this before.

Somewhere in Africa fruit hits the ground.
It starts to rot – and ferment.

All the animals discover it.

It’s Animal House all over again.

Morning distraction

19 Aug

“Let’s do something different for our wedding.”

“What’s that”?”

“Let’s have Uncles Festus put a camera on his quadcopter and take some neat video.”

“Okay. What could go wrong?”

Weekend extra

17 Aug

Something to kill time with as you wait for that Saturday morning hangover to go away.

Vine is a website where you can upload 6-seconds of video.

It’s amazing what can be shown in 6-seconds.

Morning distraction

14 Aug

Let’s go back 23 years.

Yeah, it’s almost forever.
It was certainly the stone age for computers.

If you’re old enough you might remember these TV commercials for Prodigy.
It was soon killed off by AOL.

Which is in the process of dying itself.

Morning distraction

13 Aug

No explanation is needed.

Just watch.

Morning distraction

12 Aug

Let’s compare subway crowds and how people behave in Japan and China, shall we?

Just for fun.

We start off with China.

Weekend extra

10 Aug

We’re not sure to make of this.

But it’s a hoot to watch.

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