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Yamada out at KITV?

25 Jul

What an interesting story in this morning’s paper.

Mostly for what wasn’t said than anything else.

Yunjie de Nies is a reporter for ABC News.

Network correspondent.
Something just about every reporter wants to be.

Hawaii-raised de Nies is a big-time network reporter and she’s decided to come home and get out of the rat race.

Good for her.

The SA says she’ll co-anchor the 6 p.m. weekday news with Paula Akana and the 10 p.m. weekday news with Kenny Choi as well as do some reporting. (The story is behind the paper’s pay wall.)

The big gaping hole in the story is any mention of Lara Yamada who has that position now.

We’ve pointed out before that Yamada hasn’t seemed to mesh with the station.

She’s good at what she does but we’ve never been able to shake the feeling there’s a diva behind that smiling face.

We haven’t heard anything – it’s just a feeling and it could be completely wrong, but that’s our opinion.

Still, it’s obvious there’s a lot more going on than what’s in the story.

The somewhat messy article says the changes will happen September 10th.

The rumors will fly about Yamada and eventually KITV will have to address them with some political statement that really won’t say anything but save face for all involved.

UPDATE: Yamada posted this on her Facebook account around 1:30 this afternoon:

‘Time to get this out of the way. For the record, I will be reporting. Yunji de Nies will be anchoring the 6 & 10pm. I have no doubt she will do a great job. I will spend my evenings perfecting Haggis, Balut and Steamed Rocky Mountain Oysters.”

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