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Ending the night on a downer

19 Aug

Government-Surveillance-sizedA discussion around a restaurant table Saturday night.

Actually, less of a discussion and more a string of questions bounced about between some politically and militarily wired friends having an off-the-record dinner.

It started with “It’s time to ask ourselves some questions.”

We are “free citizens in a self-governing republic.”

When was the last time you thought of that?
Have you ever thought of it?

Now think of this:

Are we really free citizens in a self-governing republic any more?

Does the government answer to the people?

Has it ever?

If the answer is no then we not a republic.

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The price of freedom

4 May

We don’t mean to get your day started on a bad note, but –

Terrorism experts say a retaliation attack for Osama bin Laden’s death is inevitable.

We’ve touched on this before – terrorists are expected to aim for the most vulnerable soft targets like shopping malls or places where people gather.

They are places jam-packed with people — pedestrian malls, shopping centers and stadiums.

It takes less planning on their part.
A single suicide bomber can do tremendous damage.

One friend of ours – a counter terrorism expert – says terrorists seeking revenge for Osama bin Laden’s death will turn to attacks less dramatic than the destruction on September 11th.

He expects their focus to soft targets like hotels, places of worship and mass transit hubs.

“It’s easier and less complicated to carry out. What they’re going to achieve if they’re successful is to kill as many people as possible.”

More importantly, if they target places like shopping malls, people would be afraid to go.
America’s economy takes a nose dive.
That’s what they want.

Our future could look like parts of Europe with security check points at entrances to places we visit.

Can you imagine trying to provide security at Ala Moana Center?
You can’t.
It’s simply not designed for that.

The reason they’re called ‘soft targets’ is because they are easily accessible to anyone.

It’s freedom, coming with an increasingly heavy price.

Fly me to the moon…

2 Feb

The State of Hawaii has champagne taste – on a beer budget.

This one is beyond understanding.

The state is installing extensive new security and surveillance measures at harbors and shorelines.
That’s okay.

That project has been underway in one form or another for several years.
Security at the state’s harbors is almost non-existent and this needs to be done.

If you knew how non-existent you’d shake your head in wonder and lie awake all night.

Here’s the kicker:
It wants to use unmanned aerial drones.

The security experts we talked to, including some with first-hand knowledge of the project, say it’s a waste of money.

About $1 million of the $1.46 million contract is Homeland Security grant money with the state kicking up the rest.

The unmanned aircraft are described in the paperwork as an “anti-terrorism tool”.

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Time to profile

21 Nov

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal – who’s suspected of eyeing a run at the WHite House someday – is jumping into the airport security controversy.

He’s putting the blame at the feet of President Barack Obama for failing to communicate the changes that were accompanying the full-body scanners.

“You’re so worried about the rights of the terrorists. What about the rights of the innocent American travelers?”

Jindal says it’s time to use a form of profiling in airport security lines.
“They’re not using common sense,” he says. “They’re not using intelligence. There’s no reason for them to be doing body searches of 6-year-old, 12-year-old girls traveling from Louisiana to visit their grandparents. We’re not talking about profiling, but use the information. Don’t let political correctness stop them.”

Sorry Bobby, that is profiling. Call it what it is. You’d be surprised how many might support it.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, says she wouldn’t go through a pat-down if she could avoid it. She is promising that security would become “less intrusive and more precise” as the government’s security experts look for ways to “diminish the impact on the traveling public.”

“I mean, obviously the vast, vast majority of people getting on these planes are law-abiding citizens who are just trying to get from, you know, one place to another,” she said on “Meet the Press.” “But let’s not kid ourselves. The terrorists are adaptable. They start doing whatever they can to try to cause harm. And when you have people who are willing to die in order to kill Americans and others, you’ve got folks putting explosives in their underwear. Who would have thought that? So striking the right balance is what this is about.”

As for the President, asked about the policy at the NATO summit in Lisbon, Barack Obama threw out a hint the pat-down policy could be adjusted.

“You have to constantly refine and measure whether what we’re doing is the only way to assure the American people’s safety. And you also have to think through, are there ways of doing it that are less intrusive.”

The head of the TSA says – no changes are planned.

So, as usual, there’s no agreement among the players and nothing changes.

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