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21 Aug

Soundbites02-sized“You might be surprised to hear this, but I actually like it better this way.”
– Anthony Weiner on the very few reporters still covering his New York City mayoral race.

“This is like going from crazy to crazier. Threatening to shut down the government is like playing with fire. Threatening to default on our debt obligations is the economic equivalent of playing with nuclear weapons. For the cooler heads in the GOP, this has to be raising all sorts of alarm bells.”
– Democrat Representative Chris Van Hollen on using the debt limit to force the defunding of Obamacare.

“The Democratic Party, it’s not dead like some people think it is.”
– Democrat Senator Mark Pryor.

“As a woman, initially I was interested in Quinn. It became clear to me that, you know as a woman, you can’t just vote your vagina.”
– Actress Susan Sarandon endorsing Bill de Blasio over Christine Quinn in the New York mayoral race.

“There’s room for people who believe in bigger government in our party.”
– Republican Senator Rand Paul taking a swipe at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“It simply means I was invited to a wingding, and I think anything in Iowa makes a wingding out of a wingding, and that is all it is.”
– Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar saying no one should assume she’s interested in running for president because of a trip to Iowa.


14 Aug

Soundbites-02-sized“I have no insight into campaign 2016. I’m struggling right here with 2013.”
– Anthony Weiner backtracking from suggestions he knew something about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign plans.

“That you did. That’s true.”
– New York City Comptroller candidate Scott Stringer in response to Eliot Spitzer saying he “got my hands dirty” as attorney general and governor.

“It’s been obvious that they’re doing everything they can to make him fail. And I hope, I hope — and I say this seriously — I hope that’s based on substance and not the fact that he’s African-American.”
– Democrat Senator Harry Reid on GOP obstruction of President Obama’s agenda.

“If I insulted anybody, it could have only been drug smugglers, just the drug smugglers, and I probably didn’t do an adequate job of insulting drug smugglers, but the people who want to disparage what I said and what they’re really doing is defending drug smugglers.”
– Republican Representative Steve King continuing to stick by his controversial remarks on the children of undocumented workers.

“I’m not naming any names, but one senator got up from a Southern state and said, ‘Well, you’ve got to understand that to my people down here, Obama seems like’ — he thought for a second and he said — ‘like he’s exotic.'”
– Democrat Senator Tom Harkin describing how one senator suggested his constituents still couldn’t identify with President Obama.


1 Aug

Soundbites02-sized“Am I happy? I’d like to be president of the United States.”
– Republican Senator John McCain.

“If we don’t do that, frankly I see further polarization of the Hispanic voter. And the demographics are clear that are the Republican Party cannot win a national election. That’s just a fact.”
– Republican Senator John McCain on the need for immigration reform.

“Defund it, or own it. If you fund it, you’re for it.”
– Republican Senator Mike Lee urging his colleagues to cut funding for Obamacare.

“I am not terribly interested in what people who are not voters in the city of New York have to say.”
– Anthony Weiner in response to a question about whether Bill and Hillary Clinton could influence his decision to stay in the mayoral race.

“First of all, the kid’s going to grow up in Gracie Mansion. So I’m going to say, ‘Kid, don’t complain.'”
– Anthony Weiner on what he’ll eventually tell his now 18-month old son about the sexting scandal that ended his congressional career.

“It’s a little bit like going from the National League to the American League. It’s still politics. But the rules are a little bit different.”
– Democrat Senator on moving from the House to the Senate.

“There’s not an action that I take that you don’t have some folks in Congress who say that I’m usurping my authority. Some of those folks think I usurp my authority by having the gall to win the presidency.”
– President Obama.

“I’ll worry about my legacy later, or I’ll let historians worry about my legacy.”
– President Obama.


24 Jul

Soundbites03-sized“Perhaps I’m surprised that more things didn’t come out sooner.”
– Anthony Weiner.

“I will have $25 million in the bank by the end of the year and will use it in early 2014 to define my opponent.”
– Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott, quoted by National Review, which notes “a war chest of that size will buy a lot of defining, even in an expensive media state like Florida.”

“He tried to make love to the tea party and they didn’t like it.”
– Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on the possibility of a tea party backed challenger to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“You know Ted, you have been gifted above any man that I know and God has destined you for greatness”
– Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s father about advice he gave to his son.

“When I worked at the White House the first time, 20 years ago, I was so young that people would make fun of me. Now the young staffers say, ‘Wow, you were here in ’90s? That is so West Wing.”
– Joe Biden chief of staff Bruce Reed.

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17 Jul

Soundbites-02-sized“I thought we were friends.”
– Republican Senator Mike Enzi on Liz Cheney’s announcement she would challenge him in a GOP primary in New York.

“I’m not the guy who’s going to appoint a Supreme Court justice or anything stupid. But there were moments when I thought, ‘You know what, damn it, can I at least appoint the commission that I chair.'”
– Democrat California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom on the temptations he faces as acting governor when Governor Jerry Brown leaves the state. He then added, “I’m not going to do it.”

“I think that the president, even by executive order, could again wave his magic wand before 2014, and he’d say ‘Now, all new legal Americans are going to have voting rights.'”
– Republican Representative Michele Bachmann explaining how House Republicans would risk losing their majority if they passed an immigration bill that contained a pathway to citizenship.

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10 Jul

Soundbites03-sized“Let’s see Bruce Braley paint me as a racist with a black wife.”
– Republican Scott Schaben, saying his marriage to an African American woman would prevent opponents from portraying him as a racist in the Iowa U.S. Senate race.

“Why are you late? Were you with a hooker?”
– An unidentified man at Eliot Spitzer’s first campaign appearance for New York City Comptroller.

“The question with both Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer is, what have they been doing to earn this second chance?”
– New York mayoral Democrat candidate Christine Quinn.

“Here we ho again.”
– New York Post on the political comeback attempt by former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer.

“What the Senate just passed was, again, a bunch of, you know, candy thrown down there, a bunch of assets thrown down there to gain votes, but without a methodical, smart border approach.”
– Republican Representative Mike McCaul on the immigration reform legislation.

“The senators are your voice here on all matters. They are the only ones we’ll be hearing from today.”
– North Carolina Republican Lt. Governor Dan Forest to women in the Senate gallery protesting surprise abortion legislation.


25 Jun

Soundbites-02-sized“In the emergency room they have what’s called rape kits where a woman can get cleaned out.”
– Texas state Republican Representative Jody Laubenberg arguing that a bill restricting abortion needed no exemptions for case of rape.

“What’s infuriating here is… Putin of Russia aiding and abetting Snowden’s escape. The bottom line is very simple. Allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways, and Putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the United States.”
– Democrat Senator Charles Schumer on reports that NSA leaker Edward Snowden traveled to Moscow.

“If I lose, I lose. I don’t want to stop being a senator to be senator.”
– Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on not making politically calculated votes prior to his 2014 re-election bid.

“These extreme right-wing nutsies think of everything.”
– New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo on news that he was being targeted by a “death ray.”

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