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Fly me to the moon…

2 Feb

The State of Hawaii has champagne taste – on a beer budget.

This one is beyond understanding.

The state is installing extensive new security and surveillance measures at harbors and shorelines.
That’s okay.

That project has been underway in one form or another for several years.
Security at the state’s harbors is almost non-existent and this needs to be done.

If you knew how non-existent you’d shake your head in wonder and lie awake all night.

Here’s the kicker:
It wants to use unmanned aerial drones.

The security experts we talked to, including some with first-hand knowledge of the project, say it’s a waste of money.

About $1 million of the $1.46 million contract is Homeland Security grant money with the state kicking up the rest.

The unmanned aircraft are described in the paperwork as an “anti-terrorism tool”.

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